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view project mapThe Festival of Freedom and Life

We were told it couldn't be done!.......We received no UK support!
We were "tribes" meeting together for the first time in 200 years!
  • Participants were from 5 nations, 10 tribes and spoke 12 different languages

  • 3000 people came to the famous "British" Slave Castle, Fort William at Anomabo on the Coast of Ghana

  • 200 musicians, drummers and dancers camped on the beach with us

  • 2000 people then dared the journey by track, road and canoe to meet for a second Festival at the "slave track" village of Singa.

The different tribes gather at Fort William, Anomabo to walk backthrough the Door of No Return

We were celebrating the Bi-Centenary of the "abolition of slavery" Bill, March 25th. 1807, the British Parliament put through after years of campaigns and prayers of people of compassion, and finally William Wilberforce MP’s speech in the House of Commons.

The dancers of Freedom from African Footrpint International, at Fort William, Anomabo, GhanaBut these were truly African Festivals to put to rest just some of the past indignities and celebrate the real hopes for the future of their lands and peoples.

On Sunday March 25th 2007 Black and White "tribes" walked back from the beach through the "Gate of No Return" in the main wall of Fort William, and representing former slaves and slave masters, danced together for a fairer future. A Paramount Chief said the best music is when the black and white notes harmonise together!
Two days later in Singa, the "pilgrims" from Anomabo, from Burkina and Niger, and villages miles around, with their Chiefs on horse-back, welcomed us and led us to their celebrations under the ancient Baobab tree in the village centre.
David Murden’s, the founder of And Albert, vision of some 15 years of outworking was being realised and the projects already under way in many of the "slave-route" villages, from tropical coast to the Sahara, have taken on a new lease of life.

Please, Gordon Brown, MP’s, Ministers, and all interested parties, help with real African "Grass Roots" investment projects which in the long term are all self sustainable. The right people are empowered.
Their environments are protected and conserved at negligible cost.
Their young people are envisioned by their own heritage and stop looking to the West for salvation.

We all benefit by a return to grass roots trading with Africa which brings our peoples together in trust and long-term relationships. If you can do more, buy a product at least!

I first went to Africa 45 years ago and fell in love with its diverse heritage of magnificent wildlife and sustainable villages. An enormous landmass, full of resources and resourcefulness, overflowing with ever present unique opportunities. For the past 11 years I have been part of the “roots and shoots” of the And Albert Foundation, crafting a model of sustainable development based on ethical trade not fettered aid. To tell you the whole story would take many hours but now a synopsis is available on DVD that will enthral, entertain and educate as it brings you good news out of Africa.
- Dr. David Bellamy OBE

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