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Here you can view all of the video’s from around the website,and a few added extras, all in one place. Just click on each image below to view the video. Please take the time to watch what we have and are trying to achieve with some of the most creative peoples in some of the poorest and remotest parts of the world. If you would like to comment on any of our footage please contact us.

David Play Me


A film by Steven Rainer and Ross Casswell. David is now 80 years old and suffering from an acute kidney problem and failing eyesight; surrounded by hundreds of exotic artefacts in an aging caravan. He shares a vision with the men, women and children of Africa, not for what it is today but for what it used to be and what it can be.

Africa Lands Trust Update

Africa Lands Trust Update

An update on what we've been doing recently here at Africa Lands Trust and our plans for the future

Wilberforce One Play Me

Wilberforce One

The first big White Volta river "Ambulance" boat has been financed by the Rotary International Foundation and will be launched publicly in front of the Hull Mecure Hotel 2016 before being sent by Jacob’s Well as part of their Medical equipment container to North Ghana Hospitals.

David Murden Introduces the film, A Gateway to Freedom and Justice

An introductory video to the film A Gateway to Freedom and Justice Film,by David Murden.

Film One ‐ Trading Boats for Lakes and Rivers

This film attempts to show both the need and the solution of the future development of a whole region of people living in a hundred or more villages.

Fruit Trees For Freedom and Life

Film Two ‐ Fruit Trees For Future Trade

This film introduces the concept of reparation, often discussed during the Emancipation events of Wilberforce’s Bi-Centenary of the Bill to finally abolish slavery

The RACHEL Program

Film Three ‐ Education and Information for Sustainable Development

The RACHEL Program: Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning. Seth Owosu, EVCO and and Rocky Dawuni have filmed & endorsed this Project in Fort William, Anomabu.

Who is David Murden Play Me

Who is David Murden

An introductory video to the And Albert Foundation and it’s founder David Murden

Gateway of Hope

An Interview With David Murden

An interview with Founder and CEO of And Albert Foundation, David Murden, explaining AAF’s Afro-Centric approach to development.

Gateway of Hope

Gateway of Hope

Gateway of Hope is an hour long documentary that has been produced for And Albert Foundation to mark the events of March 2007, the Festival of Freedom and Life. Find out more here

Music For Freedom Trailer Play Me

Music For Freedom

Music for Freedom started with a two day Festival in Accra, and traced part of the slave route over seven days to Singa in Northern Ghana from Fort William, Anomabo on Ghanas tropical coast. See here for more details

Music For Freedom

Music For Freedom

Music for Freedom was an immersive, sensory, cultural & musical explosion in Western Africa, the first of many that took place between 5th and 18th March 2010

Piece of Cake Play Me

Piece of Cake!

Footage from the And Albert Foundation trip to Ghana during the March 2010 Music For Freedom event. Thanks to Costis.

Postcard from Singa Play Me

A Postcard from Singa

Further video footage from the And Albert Foundation trip to Ghana during the March 2010 Music For Freedom event.

Costis Show Reel Play Me

Costis Show Reel

A video reel from our supporter Costis showing scenes from And Albert Foundation in West Africa.

Rocky Dawuni - Walls Tumblin’ Down

Rocky Dawuni - Walls Tumblin’ Down

Rocky Dawuni, the Ghanaian Ambassador of music and freedom, sings of a new day coming when old ways are gone, when the walls of indifference and injustice are torn down, when the walls between rich and poor come ’tumblin down’