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If you think you would like to help make a difference by joining one of our Project visits to West Africa and at the same enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, then contact us here>


I have had three trips to West Africa in the last two years to see the work of the Charity and live amongst the people, many of whom have now become my friends. I must admit I cried the first time I saw poverty first-hand-seeing it on the television just doesn’t prepare you. I have gained so much by my experiences in Ghana and Burkina Faso - especially the last trip when I helped to design and build a children’s playground Logshegu, Northern Ghana which was so uplifting and fulfilling - I will never forget the childrens’ faces full of joy or the moment when they all sang their thanks to God. Gradually I have come to understand that their hopes and dreams for themselves and their families are the same as mine. They are surrounded by a land and culture which is so rich and diverse. I am proud that we help communities develop their own ideas and projects, which then develop and benefit the whole community e.g planting fruit trees ; workshops which export their goods to UK fair trade outlets; providing wells; building childrens’ playgrounds and nurseries; agricultural projects. I have now become the secretary and a trustee of the Foundation and am saving like mad for my air fare so I can return to Africa in 2009 to help build another playground!

I would urge anyone who is interested to come out to Africa and work with a "grass roots" charity such as ours and see for yourself just how lives can be enriched and hope renewed-not just by giving funding but by giving of yourself and your unique personality-I promise the African people will give you back so much more.

- Janet Ireland, 2009

I first heard about And Albert when they set up a fair trade village at a local garden centre. Being a keen traveller I was very interested to see what they were doing and where they were working. My first trip to West Africa with them in 2005 literally changed my life. On my return I began fundraising and sent a small amount of money to help with supplying uniforms for children whose parents could not afford this "luxury". On my second visit I was able to give every child in a village a new school uniform. The money had been used to purchase fabric which was given to a sewing school who then made the uniforms. The way And Albert had used every penny of this small donation had made a significant difference to these children and given work to the sewing school…and so my life began to change.

I believe And Alberts grass roots approach is the best way forward for a modern day charity, the people we meet, who I now call my friends, only want to be able to look after their families and better themselves and And Albert works with them in trying to provide a way for them to achieve this on their own terms. Whether it be providing uniforms so the children can go to school, Planting trees so they can farm and provide fruit for their children or supplying equipment so they can work their way out of poverty. I have seen the difference this has made. I am now 6 trips in andlooking forward to trip 7 where I will hopefully be working with a weaving group to resurrect a workshop producing wonderful local fabrics. I have also become a Trustee of And Albert and have a shop selling all the art and craft products produced by these inspiring people. They may be poor in money but they are rich in culture, community and spirit.

- Julia James, 2009


Pictures clockwise from the top-right: Our old Mitsubishi which once belonged to an Irish Nomad! it now transports eco-adventurers in Burkina | Crossing the White Volta river from Naauni on the trek to Singa village | Larabanga Mosque, the oldest mud brick mosque in Africa | Donkey trekking around the lake at Vea, near Bolgatanga.