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The Trading Roots Shop


Trading Roots is the brand name for the ethically traded goods from our project craft workshps and villages that are distributed for sale in the UK.

Through the depressive effects of poverty, beautiful, handmade, authentic products and the traditional skills required to make them are in danger of dying out. "Trading Roots", the And Albert Foundation's brand, allows consistent commercial markets to be found for such products, helping the tribes and village communities to believe again in their creative and cultural heritage.

It is our understanding that the "poor" are often wealthy in their cultures and environments in ways which we have lost during our industrialisation process. To Tie-dye and batik workshop at Kyekyewere, Ghanahelp them help themselves rather than simply "donate" to them in times of crisis allows us to honour and respect their origins and our own. This by itself helps to lift the depressive effects of poverty, a "learned helplessness," and rekindle their inherent creativity.

To interact with these "riches of the poor" helps our own over-indulged generation to be grounded in a kinder and more resilient grass roots philosophy: PART of nature rather than above it.

Our diverse product range illustrates the varied projects in operation, importing goods from 28 nations. Unique products include; pots, baskets, sustainable and recycled wood and bamboo furniture, musical instruments, jewellery, paper, bronze and stone sculptures and artwork from Africa, Asia, Indonesia and the Americas.

We promote the products of these traditions in ways which are economically viable and sustainable in their own countries and the West.

The essential element of ethical trading with crafts people is long-term interactive relationships with individuals, familiesBasket from Bolgatanga, Ghana and villages collectively, creating an inclusive model. This is a careful, necessarily slow process, an educative one that does not spoil, pressure, or subject them to ambitious technology too soon.

The relationship is a two-way education on many levels, of which one, is a programme of friendly "eco-tourism". Gradually we are breaking down the walls of mistrust. These are essential stepping stones for the West amidst the undercurrents of resentment that memories of economic oppression have imprinted upon their histories.


 Small is Beautiful - Schumacher 


Outlets currently distributing Trading Roots Goods

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If you're in the area, why not check out one of these outlets for a unique buying experience. Touch the cultures of West Africa, East Africa and Indonesia, from Sahel to Savannah and all the way to Sulawesi. Make a difference and buy a product from a whole world of creativity!

Baobab Jungle, The Van Hage Garden Company, Great Amwell, Nr Ware, Herts. Tel : 01920 877357

Patsom Designs, Patsom Cottage, Randalls Rd, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0BA. Tel : 01372 849830

One World Shop, St. Johns Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh. Tel : 0141 3571567

One World Shop, 649 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8RE Tel : 0141 3376117

And Albert, 11 Eastgate Row, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1LQ. Tel : 01244 345835

The Fair Trade Shop, 62-64 Pasture Road, Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 6HD. Tel : 01405 780011

All's Fair, 8 St. Gregorys Alley, Norwich, NR2 1ER. Tel : 01603 626632

The Living Rooms, Octagon Barn, Bungay Rd, Framingham Earl, Norwich NR14 8SA. Tel : 01508 492285


Bolgatanga basketware Handmade Terracotta Bogolan Cloth


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